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Swimming has long been known as the ultimate zero-impact exercise and is widely prescribed by physicians to their patients who want to get in shape or tone their body. PowerPool™ employs an impressive water propulsion system that works in concert with its open floor plan design. The observation seats and well marked swim lanes provide the optimum swim training center for your entire family.

Aerobic Training

A wide variety of aerobic exercises are possible in a PowerPool™. Aqua jogging is especially effective as the deep water neutralizes the effects of gravity while increasing resistance for an amazing low impact workout. Fitness experts also recommend a warm water fitness regiment to maximize weight loss.


Strength Training

Your PowerPool™ can be equipped with an aquatic exercise equipment package that features modern resistance band technology. Attach the resistance bands to the connector rings on the PowerPool™ to perform a complete toning program. Whether you are looking to tone, strength train or add muscle mass, the PowerPool™ will maximize your results through efficient heat dissipation and the comfortable warm water environment.

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